Friday, July 31, 2009

5/3/1: Round 1 Wave 1 Workout 3

Incline Bench Press (185 Training Max): 60x5, 75x5, 95x5, 115x3, 130x2, 140x5, 150x5, 160x7 (Rep out Set)

Assisted Dip Machine: 105 pounds of assist x 15 reps x 3 sets

Assisted Pullups (Monster Mini Band): 10 sets of 2 reps. None easy, I think because of the dips.

Hammer ISO Row (Lat Emphasis): 70x15x3

Behind The Back Shrug: 95x15x3

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

5/3/1: Round 1 Wave 1 Workout 2.

Sumo Deadlifts (305 Training Max): 135x5, 145x5, 155x5, 190x3, 220x2, 235x5, 250x5, 265x7 (Rep Out Set). It's been such a long time since I've given the sumo deadlift this much attention, and it already feels as if I've found a long lost friend. Felt good, did notice that my glutes were tiring out pretty quick, though.

Conventional Deadlifts: 170x15x3. Who needs cardio when you have this?

Bulgarian Split Squats w/Front Foot Elevated: BWTx15x3. The original plan was 40x15x3 but due to the deadlifts or to not having done single leg work in a long time, 40 pounds owned me after 8 reps so I ditched the dumbbells. And even BWT owned me. So I'll probably just do 5 sets of 10 with something ridiculously light and keep adding weight every 2 weeks. Tomorrow, my glutes and quads are gonna scold me!!!

Leg Curls: 75x15x3

Pallof Press Isometric Holds: 3 30-second holds with 15 pounds. I was shot by the time I got to the ab work, and even 15 pounds felt tough.

Ab Roller Isometric Holds: 3 8-second holds. The goal was 15 seconds but even 8 seconds was pushing it. So I guess I know that stability is a weakness, eh?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back in the Gym Again

So after a week of doing bad things to my body in Helsinki (Booze, food, partying 'til the wee hours), I weighed in at 214 pounds this afternoon(I woke up at 2:30 PM today).

Hurrah!!! Only gained one pound over what I weighed in at for VirtualMeet.

This reminded me of a post from a blogger named Pastaqueen who took a trip through Europe, sampled many of their culinary delights, and actually lost a bit of weight. I know that the servings in Europe are not the same as America (they're much smaller), but much like her I think it may have been all the walking I did. Not only during the road trip but during my time in Helsinki. Lots and lots of sidewalks. Where I live in Washington, there ain't many of them. So much centralized in one spot in Helsinki that even clubhopping was a workout;)

It also didn't hurt that I did two workouts last week, so I wasn't idle much. Thanks to Måns Rinne, I worked out at Voimapuoti gym (formerly known as Metal Gym) and at Punttis Gym in Helsinki. And unlike previous times, no long layoffs. I started today.

I'll be running 5/3/1 until I leave in December. Since I have the time now and have enough testing data, I will actually be running it proper, right down to the deload weeks.. Of course, my goal will be to improve on my meet numbers, but I have two others. By the time I leave, I want to dip my bodyweight into the mid 190s. I also want to get a head start on a big goal for me: 500 DL/400 SQ/300 Bench by the end of 2010.

My main lifts will be the Flat Bench Press, Sumo Deadlift, Incline Bench Press, and 12" Box Front Squat. My main assistance movement for each day will be DB Shoulder Presses, Conventional Deadlifts, Assisted Dips, and Back Squats. For the Bench Press, Back Squat, and Conventional Deadlifts, I based my training max off of 85% of my meet maxes (I got this off of Phil Wylie from Bad Attitude Gym, who posted this on T-Nation's 5/3/1 thread). The other lifts are based off of 90% of my maxes last cycle or on what I tested on last week. Since I also wanted my chinups and pullups to be a priority, I dropped the direct biceps work and will start at 10 sets of 2, like I tried at the end of the last cycle. At the start of each wave, I'll add another rep (10x3, 10x4).

Today's session was pretty good. I felt a bit out of shape, but I'll also attribute that to some of the high rep work.

Flat Bench Press (200 Training Max): 60x5, 80x5, 100x5, 120x3, 140x2, 150x5, 160x5, 170x7 (Rep Out Set)

DB Shoulder Presses: 35x15x3

Assisted Chinups (Monster Mini Band): 10 sets of 2 reps. The last 4 sets were tough.

Hammer ISO High Row: 60x15x3

Trap Bar Shrugs: 106x15x3

Sunday, July 05, 2009

It's Miller Time!!!!

Today was my last workout. WooHoo!!!

I had many plans for what it would be like but ultimately, I did this:

Parallel Box Squat: 95x5, 125x5, 155x5, 185x5

Conventional Deadlift: 135x5, 165x5, 195x5, 225x5

With a week left, I felt I had nothing more to gain. And I remembered that the trip to Finland alone is at least 17 hours, which will also take a bit out of me (Luckily, as Kris pointed out, the time zone is the same). So I took it easy in the gym and walked away with a smile. Now, I can really relax.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Workout 3 of Last 4

Incline Bench Press: 75x5, 95x5, 115x5, 135x3, 155x2, 165x5, 185x3, 205x1. 205 went up really slow: the spotter asked me a few times if he should take it but I waved him off.

3-Board Bench Press: 205x3, 215x0, 225x0. The plan was to do 3 reps at each of these weights. But I struggled with the 205!?! I can take either hint: I was still shot from the last bench session before this one, or I was tapped out. After the 205, I gave up on this one.

Assisted Dips: 60 pounds of assist for 5 sets of 10.

Hammer ISO Rows (Elbows in for Lat Emphasis): 45x5, 60x5, 75x5, 90x3, 105x2, 125x3, 135x3, 140x3.

Assisted Pullups (Monster Mini Band): 10 sets of 2

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Workout 2 of Last 4

12" Front Box Squat: 55x8, 75x5, 95x5, 120x5, 145x3, 165x2, 180x5, 200x0. At this point, I can say that I am done deadlifting. My back was not recovered from the last deadlift session. Now, I know that squatting or deadlifting first thing in the morning is not easy on the spine. But no amount of warming up or stretching could get my lower back right - - - hell, I even stretched in between sets. So my belt was cranked, and I still managed a very controlled 5RM with 180 pounds. I rested 5 minutes and racked 200 pounds clean and while I felt no pain, I felt as if I didn't have enough to lift it cleanly. And I didn't want to risk it, so I re-racked it and shut it down right there.

Trap Bar Shrugs: Worked up to a 206 5RM and a 226 2RM. If I wasn't gonna be deadlifting, then I may as well do something that would help it. I think that on workout 4, I will probably do something like this and not deadlift. And, of course, not push the back.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Workout 1 of Last 4

2-Board Bench Press: 75x5, 95x5, 120x5, 145x3, 170x2, 180x5, 205x3, 225x1 (Rep Out Set). This was done with my legs up (I'll take a picture of the bench so you can see what I mean). I wanted to do something different. Last week's bench session left me feeling as if that was as good as it was going to get for a while, so I did this instead. That, and I got to put 225 in my hands again.

Hoist Assisted Dips: 45 pounds assistance x 7 reps x 5 sets

Hammer ISO High Rows: 45x5, 60x5, 70x5, 85x3, 100x2, 115x3, 120x3, 130x2. I'm thinking of adding the 5/3/1 workout structure to my mid-back work when I get back from Finland, so this was my flirtation with it. In return for the work, I dropped the shrugs. Which is OK, because they will pay on deadlift day.

Assisted Chinups (Monster Mini Bands): 10 sets of 2 reps