Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Wk3: Prilepin Bench/DL-Heavy

Close Grip Bench Press (160): 45x6, 50x5, 65x5, 75x5, 85x5, 100x5, 120x6x3.

Rack Pulls 2" Below the Knees (345): 80x6, 105x5, 135x5, 160x5, 195x5, 215x5, 265x6x3. Should have been 260 lbs but someone was using the 2.5 lbs plates. So I went up a bit rather than down. I have to put in more time than I have on grip strength - - - six heavy reps is a lot of time to hold on to the bar with a double overhand. Even with a lot of chalk, I had to bring in the over-n-under grip on at least 5 reps. Next week: 275x5x3. Bring it on!!!

Dumbbell Presses (50): 25x10, 30x8, 35x6x2

Hoist Leg Press: 300x10, 400x10, 500x10F, 600x7F, 700x5F, 800x1F. "F" meant that I could not do another rep at that weight. Just felt like throwing something different at my legs. Since I haven't done these in almost 6 months, I just played a game of hundreds and went for the gusto. At week 7, I might do these again.

Wk3: Add 50-Lats

Spent my weekend battling bad allergies, thus the break. Still getting over it but I was good enough for a workout. This was my lunchtime workout.

Hoist Neutral Grip Chins (155: Bodyweight Today 238.7): 128.7x6, 131.2x5x2, 141.2x5x1. The last set was a rep out set. Since I exceeded 4 reps, the 1RM moves up 5 lbs, per the program.

10" Incline Pushups: 12, 9, 7, 6. Got more on the first set this time, same everywhere else.

Barbell Curls (80): Two Descending sets.
a.) 90x1 (new 1RM!!!), 80x1, 70x2, 60x2, 50x3, 40x4, 30x3, 20x3
b.) 80x1, 70x1, 60x2, 50x2, 40x2, 30x2, 20x2

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wk2: Prilepin Squat/DL-Heavy

I woke up this morning still bushwacked from Monday's workout (And to think, I have two more weeks of 1 day with a negative). I had a big breakfast with a Lime Coke chaser, and lunch was two light soft taco's with a Pepsi, then a coke an hour later. I felt more like taking a long nap than working out but it wasn't a back day, so I thought I had a chance. At 3 PM, I had a MetRx Big 100 bar and a cup of green tea made extra strong. In the car, I turned up Sepultura's "Territory". I now felt awake. I decided to give myself an extra 30 seconds of rest between sets in spots. Tomorrow, I'll be back on diet.

8" Front Box Squats (195): 45x6, 65x5, 75x5, 95x5, 105x5, 125x5, 135x5x4. Last week was the 79% 1RM week, so this week's 70% 1RM was just the reprieve I needed. Everything was on today: my launch out of the bottom was fast and solid, my form was really good, strength was good on these, and I didn't feel like death warmed over like I thought hours earlier. It also doesn't hurt as much afterwards, so it looks like I've adjusted to the depth.

Hoist Seated Leg Curls (115): 100x3x2, 105x2x2, 115x2N.

Straight Leg Pull Throughs (105): 50x10, 65x10x2, 80x10. The pulldown station I use for my GHR setup was being used, and so was the one for the pull throughs. So I used a Nautilus machine that was so adjustable the arms can be moved up and down, out and in. The weights used are because you can't adjust by 5-10 lbs for this one like other Nautilus machines. You know, I thought my GHRs would be harder after this. My hamstrings felt the burn some more from these.

GHR w/70 lbs assist: Failure at 7 reps, 5 reps.
GHR w/80 lbs assist: Failure at 6 reps, 6 reps. The reps were more than last week, but I had to squeeze extra hard this week to get them. I try to do better each session.

Seated Calf Raises (125): 90x6x2, 90x5x2

Feel pretty good, can't wait until dinner!

Lying Leg Thrusts: Failure at 9, 7, 7, 6, 6 reps. Will do situps between sets tomorrow.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Wk2: Prilepin Back-Light

Hoist Neutral Grip Chinups (155: Bodyweight today 241.3 lbs): 141.3x3x2, 146.3x2x2, 166.3x2N (N is a negative). My back was pretty much annihilated after this, and I had a lactic acid burn in my forearms to boot. When doing the negative, I'm not only holding my arms in position, I'm also holding the lats contracted position.

10" Incline Close Grip Pushup: Failure at 6, 5, 5, 4, and 4 reps.

Ultra Wide Sumo Deadlifts (295): 115x6 (Essentially, a lower ultra sumo), 135x6, 165x6, 185x6, 220x6x2, 220x5. My backside was gone, couldn't lock out the sixth rep. Got so mad that after 10 seconds, I reattempted the sixth rep: weight came up about two inches then fell back to earth. Funny, my back was real tired from all the driving this weekend and sleeping on a real shitty hotel bed but it was my hams and glutes that failed me. Oh well, probably for the exact same reasons.

Dumbbell Presses (50): 25x10, 30x8, 30x10, 35x6.

Barbell Curls (80): 40x10, 50x8, 50x10 (rest paused the last 4 reps, I knew the chinups would spell doom for this), 60x3x2 (Griiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind!!!)

Wk2: Prilepin Bench-Light

I decided to do my bench workout at lunch, leaving myself time to run after my evening workout. This session went great: the close grip work is paying dividends: the bar is not traveling over the face as much (it's straighter) and I had a lot of pop from the bottom (today's 140 lbs work sets were faster than last weeks 135s). I also had more tightness in form and I didn't feel it much in the delts.

Flat Bench Press (185): 45x6, 55x6, 75x6, 85x6, 100x6, 115x6, 140x6x3.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Wk2: Prilepin Squat/DL-Light

Will be going to Seaside Beach, Oregon for the weekend. Usually, we try to leave early in the morning on Saturday, end up leaving later than we should have, have less than half of Saturday left when we get there because it's a 4+ hour drive, and by Sunday afternoon are headed back home. This time, we are leaving Friday evening as soon as my wife gets home from work. This meant that I had to do Friday's workout today. Yeah, this was going to be tough but at least I have 3 days off at the beach.

12" Front Box Squats (245): 55x6, 75x5, 95x5, 115x5, 135x5, 155x5, 185x6x3. My last set was so tough I had to rest for 10 seconds after 4 reps to get the last two. I had no pop past 115 lbs today. I knew this was going to be a grind, but at least I kept my form solid.

Hoist Seated Leg Curls (115): 85x6, 90x5x2, 95x4x2.

GHR w/70 lbs assist: Failure at 7 reps,4 reps. Payday, more reps.
GHR w/80 lbs assist: Failure at 6 reps, 4 reps. Ditto!!!

Bent Leg Pull Throughs (105): 50x10, 70x8, 70x10, 80x6. Think RDL with a cable through the legs. After Scott Bird mentioned them, I did them today. Considering the pounding my hams already received, my hams were giving out before my lower back. As always, they feel great to help me recover from deadlifts.

Standing Calf Raises (125): 95x8, 95x7, 95x7, 95x6

Incline Situps: Failure at 11, 9, 9, 7 reps.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wk2: Prilepin Bench/Back

It's a good thing it was rack pull day, because my hamstrings are tired and sore like hell. My quads are just fine, though.

Close Grip Bench Press (160): 45x6, 50x5, 65x5, 75x5, 85x5, 100x5, 115x5x4. I'm getting better on these. I used two different grips on these: two sets with pinkies on the first smooth ring and two with the next finger over on the rings. My triceps are starting to feel harder doing these.

Hoist Neutral Grip Chinups (155; bodyweight today was 240, used a 2.5 lbs plate in each pocket to get the 5 lbs difference): 125x6, 125x5x2, 130x4x2. The first set should have actually been 115, but I miscalculated the assist needed. So my last set was such a grind that I had to rest/pause it after 2 reps. Forearms were starting to feel pumped - - - oh, shit!

10" Incline Pushups: failure at 10, 9, 7, 6. Supersetted these with the chinups, and surprised myself with more reps. Faster ones, too.

Rack Pulls 2" Below the Knees (345): 80x6, 105x5, 135x5, 160x5, 195x5, 215x5, 240x5x4. All sets done with a double overhand grip and a ton of chalk. After the 2nd set of 240, my grip was taxed, so the third set was done with an alternate grip, and the 4th was done double overhand. My back has nothing left to give right now; no surprise there, since my chinups got heavier this week and my reps in the DL went up by 5.

Dumbbell Presses (50): 25x10, 30x8, 30x10, 35x6

Barbell Curls (80): 40x10, 50x8, 50x10 (rest paused last two reps). The 4th set was a descending set, F stands for failure at that rep: 90 (moved it an inch and held it there for 10 seconds), 80 (moved it an inch and held it for 6 seconds), 70 (got it halfway up), 60 (very slow 1F), 50x1F, 40x1F, 30x1F, 20x1F.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Wk1: Prilepin Squat/DL-Heavy

8" Front Box Squats (195): 45x6, 65x5, 75x5, 95x5, 105x5, 125x5, 155x5x3. Strength was good on these, I'm getting better coming out of the bottom. After set one at 155 lbs, I felt a tad sore in the middle of my back while stretching. Thinking hard about the set, I concluded that my back is tempted to round a bit when I touch bottom (keeping the weight racked, even with the Sting Ray, takes some strength). I tried to stay tight and arched after that and everything was fine.

Hoist Seated Leg Curls (115): 95x3x2, 100x2x2, 110x1N. Held on for 25 seconds on the negative. Basically, I had someone push the lever down and I fought to keep it there. Ran to set up the GHR, while the hams were tired.

GHR w/70 lbs assist: Failure at 5 reps, 3 reps.
GHR w/80 lbs assist: Failure at 7 reps, 5 reps. I had more this time around at 80 lbs assist. Next time, I will do better at 70. Maybe; heavy day on week 2 calls for 2 negatives on the leg curl.

Straight Leg Pull Throughs (105): 50x10, 70x8, 70x10, 80x6. High reps on this are just plain hard. My lower back gets all puffy and won't contract anymore!!!

Seated Calf Raises (125): 110x3x4

Lying Leg Thrusts: Failure at 9, 9, 7, 7

Weighted Ball Crunches (50): 25x10, 30x8, 30x10, 35x8. I haven't done these consistently for so long that I was fighting to keep my balance. I'm sure my abs will remind me of this tomorrow.

I'll do situps tomorrow. Spaghetti for dinner tonight!!!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Wk1: Prilepin Back/Bench-Light

With the DL portion of this workout done yesterday and the bench presses done for lunch, todays workout was short, simple, and sweet. I'm so beat.

Flat Bench Press (185): 45x6, 55x5, 75x5, 85x5, 100x5, 115x5, 135x5x4. First time I ever worked out bench like this: 20 reps at 135 lbs (2700 lbs total tonnage). I now see why my bench workouts had never produced much in the way of results. Hungry afterwards, this felt like my best bench workout ever.

Dumbbell Shoulder Presses (50): 25x10, 30x8, 35x6x2.

Hoist Assisted Neutral Grip Chinups (155: bodyweight in clothes was 239.5): 129.5 x 3 x 2, 139.5 x 2 x 2, 159.5 x 1N ("N" means a negative) for 20 seconds. All good reps and a controlled negative.

10" Incline Close Grip Pushups: 4 sets of 5.

Barbell Curls (80): 40x10, 50x8, 60x4x3. Normally, I can do 60 lbs for 6-8 reps but the negative on the chins took a lot out of my biceps. But I wanted my 12 reps, and would not be denied.

My son cracked us both up doing his little dance number at the talent show. Made my day!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Ultra Wide Sumo DL Test

Tomorrow, my son has his talent show at 6 PM. Have any of you seen "Napoleon Dynamite"? There's a scene in the end when Napoleon dances to Jamiroquai's "Canned Heat" to get people to vote for Pedro, his friend; my son is going to do that exact same dance scene. Should be funny.

So that I would have time to finish my workout, take a bath, and get to his show, I did the deadlift portion of the workout today. Since my test a few weeks ago with the ultra wide sumo DL was with a less than ideal setup, my plan was to test 1st with the setup I used on my last light workout, then do two sets of 5 with my new max to finish. I did a stretch for my hip flexor first (see the article on Joe DeFranco's site), chalked up, then went at it (2.5 minutes between sets): 115x6, 145x4, 185x2, 225x1, 265x1 (1RM), 295x1 (30 lbs PR), 215x5x2. My pulls were fast, I was able to drop my butt lower thanks to the stretch (designed to put the hip flexors to sleep), and my grip was good (all pulls were done with a double overhand grip).

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wk1:Prilepin Squat/DL-Light

Felt run down a bit, but not as sore up top. So that 45 minute HIT aerobics did some good, but some bad. Ate just a bit more in the morning to boost me up. Low carb diets suck!!!

12" Front Box Squats (245): 55x6, 75x5, 95x5, 115x5, 135x5, 155x5, 175x5x4. My last two sets were a grind. I have to get used to repping this high, especially with more weight and a pause.

Hoist Seated Leg Curls (115): 85x6, 90x5x2, 90x4x2. Tip: put your ass back against the chair and lean forward at the hip to keep the hamstrings stretched. Now, do the reps. Feel the burn!!!

While on the subject of killing the hams alot, quickly set up the apparatus so my hams wouldn't recover from the leg curls:
GHR w/70 lbs assist: Failure at 5 reps, 3 reps.
GHR w/80 lbs assist: Failure at 4 reps, 2 reps.

Straight Leg Pull Throughs (105): 50x10, 70x8x2, 70x6

Standing Calf Raises (125): 115x5x2, 115x4x2.

Situps: Failure at 22, 12, 12, 10. Not great, but I have to start somewhere.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Aerobics Day

Today, my upper body is sore all over. My back and traps, especially. Luckily, my legs aren't - - - it's leg day tomorrow. I walked for 30 minutes at lunch and did the elliptical after work, 45 minutes in 3 circuits of 10 minutes at 60 RPM and 5 minutes at 76-80 RPM. Hill profile.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Wk1: Prilepin Bench/Back-Heavy

Walked for 30 minutes at lunchtime.

Got my new Back Raise Harness from Dr. Squat. Wrapped it around a 70 lbs barbell and did 2 sets of 4 (all I could do) on the back extension, and 2 sets of 4 on the 45 degree back extension machine. I'm thinking of using this for an ME movement down the line, it's that good. Projected max for 70x4: 76 lbs. I might use this with light weights instead of pull throughs.

Close Grip Bench Press (160): 45x6, 50x6, 65x6, 75x6, 85x6, 100x6, 125x6x3. Hit my triceps hard, but it felt like a modified JM Press. Have to learn to keep my forearm more vertical.

Rack Pulls 2" Below the Knees (345): 80x6, 105x6, 135x6, 160x6, 190x6, 215x6, 275x6, 275x5x2. This was the New York Yankees to my Pedro Martinez!!! Sweat shooting everywhere, vains popping, traps and everything else tensed. . . . this made the rest of my workout hard. Either the back extensions took a little out of me beforehand, or the higher rep sets did. Funny, On the heaviest Prilepin setup, I do 15 reps at 79-80%. Hmmmmmmmmmmm!

Hoist Neutral Chinups (155): 115x6, 125x5x2, 125x4x2. This was hard because I had little traps left, little biceps left, and almost no grip left. But all my reps were perfect . . . the progression could not have been better.

10" Incline Pushups: failure at 10, 8, 6, 6. Had little pop at the bottom, and my triceps were tired. Tried to do them with no incline but my belly touched the ground too soon. Thus, the incline and the dumbbells for increased range of motion.

Trap Bar Shrugs (204): could not do a single rep. I think the deads were enough. Tried barbell holds for grip, but 285 fell out of my hands after 2 seconds (double overhand grip).

Dumbbell Presses (50): 25x10, 30x8, 35x8, 35x6

EZ Bar Curls (80): 40x10, 50x8, 60x8, 60x6


I usually carry cycles all the way through. Just not this time.

I had my Navy measurement. I knew it would be close. After last PRT, I stopped aerobics for a long time, started back up slowly in March, and really got hardcore about it in April. In April, I started out with a 42 inch waist and a 18 inch neck. So, I need an 18 inch neck and a 40 inch waist to pass bodyfat. Forget making weight: 192 is the standard weight for my height of 70 inches, I'm 234 lbs.

I measured out Sunday at 40 inches in the waist, which was what I wanted. But I lost an inch in the neck, which doomed me. The one who runs the PRT for my Reserve center considered it a courtesy measurement, and told me that I will do the official thing in June, the last month I can do it in.

I'm going to switch to my heavier cycle sooner. One, to get my neck back to 18 inches. Two, since I'll be dieting hard again, I have to keep and gain what muscle I can.

This is a development cycle because the weights are heavier (70-80% 1RM) and the reps closer to 6-8 reps. This means more time under tension and more muscle, which should also jack my metabolism up. It will also be my toughest cycle for the same reason, and another: over each 8 day period, I will squat AND deadlift twice, even if the deadlifts are partial range movements. There will also be my use of an Add 50 program that can be found on the Joe Skopec site, designed for the bench press but being applied here for the Hoist Neutral Grip Chinup (I want to crack the 200 lbs barrier) and the Hoist Seated Leg Curl, which I will use to pre-exhaust my hamstrings for the GHR (I love pain!!!). Since the Add 50 program is 7 weeks long, week 7 will be a 50% 1RM deload week. Also, I will be using pushups with no implements as assistance movements for the bench, so I can kick ass on those in June, and situps only for abs for the same reason.

a.) Prilepin Heavy Day: 79% x 6 x 3 (wk 1), 70% x 5 x 4 (wk 2), 76% x 6 x 3 (wk 3), 80% x 6 x 3 (wk 4), 70% x 5 x 4 (wk 5), 76% x 6 x 3 (wk 6).

b.) Prilepin Light Day: 72% x 5 x 4(wk 1), 75% x 6 x 3 (wk 2), 63% x 5 x 5(wk 3), 72% 5 x 4 (wk 4), 75% x 6 x 3 (wk 5), 63% x 5 x 5 (wk 6).

The setup will be a heavy day back/bench, light day squat/DL, light day back/bench, heavy day squat/DL. This might help me get through this easier:

Heavy day Bench/Back: Close Grip Bench Press, Rack Pulls 2" Below the Knees, Hoist Neutral Grip Chinups (Add 50), Pushups, Dumbbell Presses, Trap Bar Shrugs.

Light Day Squat/Dl: 12" Front Box Squat, Hoist Seated Leg Curls (Add 50), GHR w/80 lbs assist, 24" Step Ups, Straight Leg Pull Throughs, Situps.

Light Day Bench/Back: Flat Bench Press, Ultra Wide Sumo DL, Hoist Neutral Grip Chinups (Add 50, some weeks will have a negative denoted by a capital N), Close Grip Pushups, Dumbbell Presses, Trap Bar Shrugs.

Heavy Day Squat/Dl: 8" Front Box Squat, Hoist Seated Leg Curls (Add 50, some weeks will have a negative denoted by a capital N), GHR w/80 lbs assist, 24" Step Ups, Straight Leg Pull Throughs, Situps.

After this cycle is over, I will take a week off [except from aerobics, because I want a thick beach body;)], then I will start Dave Tate's 9-Week Beginners program, done up to maxes vice high volume. For the bench especially and the Add 50, keep an eye out on the numbers to see where I get.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Wk4:Prilepin Squat/DL

My Navy physical readiness test is on Saturday (Bodyfat Measurement) and Sunday (The run, situps, and pushups). Since my next workout was going to be too close to that, I won't be doing a weight workout until next Monday. I'll be doing aerobics until Friday to make sure I'm as lean as can be for measurements (Friday will just be a long walk, though). Since Wednesday was scheduled to be a deadlift workout, I ditched the high step ups and threw in conventional DL for singles today.

12" Front Box Squat (245): 55x6, 75x4, 95x4, 115x4, 135x4, 150x4x5.

Conventional DL (400): 225x1x12. These felt great.

GHR w/80 lbs assist: 4 sets of 7.

Standing Calf Raises (125): 45x4x3, 60x4, 70x4, 80x4x5.

Incline Situps: These were done in between sets of calf raises with no rest, just a marathon that put some sweat on my brow. Failure at 10, 7, 6, 6, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1, failed.