Thursday, September 28, 2006

TBT Week 1 Workout 2

Past three Lunches: 30 Minutes of Walking.

Evening (The rest periods were 90 seconds between sets.)
Incline DB Bench Press: Worked up to a 45 lbs 8RM
DB Upright Rows: Worked up to a 20 lbs 8RM
13" Box Front Squat: Worked up to 105 lbs 8RM, 125 lbs 5RM
Arched Back Good Mornings (Wide Stance): Worked up to a 135 lbs 8RM, 155 lbs 5RM.
BB Bicep Curls: Worked up to a 55 lbs 8RM
Band-Assisted Dips: Green Band x 15, Purple Bandx8, Monster-Mini x 3, Purple Band x 8

This workout left me tired, but I am starting to adjust. After all this time of low rep heavy work, the high reps are draining.

Next week, the running begins. I'll post something on that later.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Once Again, It's On

Today, I start Chad Waterbury's Total Body Training. My plan is to do that for 8 weeks, followed by 10x3 For Fat Loss, Triple Total Training, Quattro Dynamo, then SOB Training. A total of 26 weeks, which leaves me with 2 weeks to push up my pushups and situps and a week to deload. The programs are all full body, and the last program has a lot of high rep work: PRT is 29 weeks away and while I will accept a Good-High Grade (Last PRT was a Good-Medium), I might gun for an Excellent - - - my 1.5 mile run would have to hit 11:23. If you want the spreadsheets with all the programs, here's the link: Save to Desktop.

Yesterday, I spent recovering from a cold but I did train my wife - - - she's doing the Total Body Training, too. She was down 2 lbs from a 3 weeks ago, and her blood work was better. I think she should get her own blog, but we'll see. Her number's yesterday were:

Flat BB Bench Press: 3 sets of 5 with a last set of 80 4RM.
DB Rows: 3 sets of 5 with 25 lbs.
14" SSB Box Squats: 3 sets of 5 with a top set of 115 5RM.
Romanian Deadlift: 3 sets of 5 with 85 lbs.
DB Hammer Curls: 3 sets of 5 with 20 lbs.
Single Leg Calf Raises: 3 sets of 5 with BWT, to get a hang of the movement.

These are my numbers today. Since I've been out of the game for a while. I'm just working to the max recommended RMs for the first week, then calculate a 1RM and continue to week two. The odd weeks (1, 3, so on) are straight sets; the even weeks are antogonistic supersets.

Flat BB Bench Press: Worked up to a 175 5RM, then repeated.
Barbell Rows: 95x5x3
15" SSB Box Squats: Worked up to a 225 5RM, then repeated.
Sumo DL: Worked up to a 235 5RM, then barely repeated it. SSB's fault.
DB Preacher Curls: 25x5x3.
Single Leg Calf Raises: BWTx5x3.

This was not in the program, but on my son's insistence I gave it a go and liked the idea no matter how sick it made me feel:)

Trap Bar Farmer's Walk: 160 lbs for 1 block (one end of the street to the other, put down 2 times)

I'm pretty out of shape. It is what it is. But if this workout was any indication, it's gonna be a welcome change. I felt thoroughly worked out and sweaty. It's on!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


It's great to be back!!!

First off, a primer. Last drill weekend, a Navy doctor waived me from the October/November Physical Readiness Test because while he told me that I could resume training at the beginning of October, it would not be enough time to get ready for the test. So I have about 29 weeks to prepare for the spring one. Good for me, because I'm out of shape. I 'm back at 242 lbs: while it wasn't major weight gain, I've lost some muscle and conditioning and I feel a little rusty.

Of course, this also made ponder my direction as far as weightlifting goes. My right shoulder is now loose and pain free again, as are some of my other aches and pains. What made me think was my weight: there really ain't much room for error or anything else. At this weight, my energy levels ain't as good and I snore more. I'm pretty sure my knees would ache less, too. After every PRT, my legs are hammered. I've always said my best bodyweight was around 196-206. I would like to be at a point where I'm always in great shape, not just when Navy physicals are happening. At a lighter weight, this layoff might have not been as bad.

But the other thing that made me think was my wife. She was recently diagnosed as the kind of diabetic that didn't need insulin shots but needed to watch it. She was getting close to me in weight (in good shape, she would be around 170) and after years of trying to get her back on the wagon, this was the motivation she needed to push her over the edge. Now, I'm training her and her body is starting to respond. I don't want that for myself, either.

My rib is about 95% better. I still feel a slight twinge when I turn to look behind me pulling out of a parking spot, but it's tiny. I can sleep on my left again and I was able to do 10 reps of Blast Strap pushups with no pain. I've spent this week doing level 1 on the elliptical and treadmill to start building towards a 12:23 - 12:00 1.5 mile run (sub-12 min if I can) to start out, and that's kicking my ass. I also started to test my lifts. Right now, since I want to get leaner, I'm leaning towards hypertrophy more than straight power. I also want to do something different. I have a spreadsheet of Chad Waterbury's programs that I'm looking at since a lot of his programs are full body, have variety, and cycle in heavy weights enough that I won't lose strength (heck, I might gain some). So after 4 weeks of 10-15 rep stuff to get my body up to speed, the Total Body Training cycle will be first.

BTW, I'm still doing Kris' virtual meet in February. That would be a great test of strength for me. The timing couldn't be better. And if ther's one last thing I learned from all this, the chicken and the trampoline, I will be smarter with my risk taking:)