Saturday, February 06, 2010

Gut Check

Man, it has been almost two months since I left Djibouti. And it has been just as long since I've lifted anything more than luggage. But today I started back up. My son wanted to test his bench press and he wanted to try and give 245 a ride on the squat. And he wanted me to come along and spot.

I tested out to a 175 max on the bench, 225x2 on the squat, 105x3 on the behind the neck press, and 1 each on the chinup and pullup at a bodyweight of 227. Sad, really, but my abdominal muscles were pretty good and held up. My son, soon to be 16 years old, can almost squat as much as me and is 30 pounds away from me on the bench press. Consider the fire in my ass lit!!!

Monday, I start up. Shouldn't take me long to get up to speed.

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