Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I finally went to the doctor. As soon as I described the problem, she ran my arm through some tests and determined that what I had was Tennis Elbow. So much better news than broken bones, even if it takes a long time to heal. She said to take occasional breaks, and to gradually introduce loads when I begin lifting again. I can live with that. I'm not lifting until I get back from that wedding on May 15. While I'm there, I might run but I'm not going to do chinups, pushups, or situps.

Today was my first day running in over a week. Originally, I was going to do 6 intervals of 1 min on at 7.1 MPH and 2 min off at 4.0 MPH, on a 1.0 incline. I decided to do 5 intervals of 1.5 min on at 6.5 MPH and 1.5 min off at 4.0 MPH, on a 1.5 incline. The chances of me running a 12:45 1.5 mile are slim, and since I'm just getting back in running shape I didn't want to push unnecessarily hard and set myself up for failure. This should get me in the 13s. I will adjust the run/walk portions up each week. I also did this so I could run for more time and since the track I will be running it on mid-April is inclined on one side.

The run was pretty good and was toughest on the last interval. Doable. The did 4 sets of chinups, pushups, and declined situps and called it a day.

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