Thursday, August 04, 2011

5/3/1: Cycle One Week 3: Bench Press

All Notation: Weight x Reps x Sets

Incline Bench Press: 50x5, 65x5, 80x5, 95x3, 110x2, 125x5, 140x3, 155x5 (Rep Out Set). Between each set, I sprinted 50 yards backwards with the sled (sled was 35 pounds + 55 pounds added) followed by a 50 yard sprint forward return. I used to do it in reverse order but found that doing it this way was more exhausting since it took the quads out and made me have to push off harder to sprint. After about 6 of these, though, I was reduced to walking the last 2 sets out of exhaustion.

Assisted Pullups (Light/Monster Mini Bands): 3 sets of 4
Offset Sandbag Carry w/60 pounds: 50 yards with bag on left shoulder, 50 yards return with bag on right shoulder. My shoulders, upper pecs, and upper back got a pump from doing this.

Incline Bench Press: 115x8, 115x7x2
Dead Stop DB Rows (Elbows In): 40x7x3

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