Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Last Weight Workout Before Navy PRT

Yesterday's workout was not organized in any particular way.  Most if it was just to guarantee that I did not lose any size up top on the back and neck since Navy measurement makes a big neck a must.  I would never make the required bodyweight of 192 pounds for my height (even after my surgery and a liquid diet, 201 pounds was as low as I got), so Navy BMR is always my saving grace.  I worked up to 160x2 for the Behind the Back Shrugs and 170x5 for the LifeFitness ISO Row with my elbows in, to that end.  I supersetted calf raises to failure with every set of shrugs.

With the squats, I just wanted to make sure I didn't slide backwards.  What I found out, instead, was that I needed to deload.  I was going to do 170 for 4 sets of 10 to start the whole workout but when I racked it, it felt heavy.  So after the calf raises and shrugs, I started squatting just using triples up to 255 pounds.  Then I barely got 285.  The I managed to get 315 pounds down but not up. 

Today I woke up at 235.5 pounds.  I went to the sauna this afternoon.  Next two days will just be easy aerobics.  After this weekend, I will do a deload week.

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