Thursday, June 03, 2010

5/3/1 Round 4: Incline Bench Press 3RM

All Notation: Weight x Reps x Sets

Incline Bench Press: 60x5, 80x5, 95x5, 115x3, 135x2, 155x3, 165x3, 175x5 (Rep Out Set).
Captains of Crush Gripper (Trainer): 8 sets of 2

Triceps Death (2/3/4/5 Board): 15/8/6/5 reps on set 1, 10/6/5/5 reps on set 2.

Assisted Pullups (Monster Mini Bands): 6 singles
Underhand Grip Barbell Rows: 135x6x6. Had things to do and I got a late start, so I wanted to keep this workout short and potent. So I dropped the biceps curls and the shrugs and the forearm work and did these. Worked really well: got a back and bicep pump and felt really exhausted afterwards.

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