Sunday, April 13, 2008

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Just about everyone today had the day off. Not sure why, I don't read as much official e-mail as I should, I guess.

So, I woke up at 2:30PM (12+ hours of sleep), got my PT gear on, then my body armor, then my sunglasses. Then I stepped outside. It was nice and quiet, with a good sea breeze. I walked for an hour at a good pace, on sidewalk, gravel, and 3 laps around the soccer field (artificial turf). After that I took a shower and shaved and brushed my teeth and when I got back to the room, I felt so blissfully tired and relaxed that I almost took a nap. Then on to dinner. That was my PT for the Day.

BTW, here's my weight workouts from last week. Since I don't like backblogging, I'll keep it simple:

Reverse DB Deficit Lunges (Basically, front foot is elevated): worked up to 50 (25x2) for 5 reps.
Hammer ISO High Rows: Worked up to 100x1 per movement arm, then 90x5 back off.
DB Deadlifts: Worked up to 140x5 (70 in each arm).
DB Push Press: 50x5x3
DB Hammer Curls: 35x5x3
Hammer Calf Press:290x5x3

One Leg Sit to Bench (Pistols): 3 sets of 8 with bodyweight
DB Upright Rows: 20x8x3
DB RDL: 120x8x3 (60 pounds in each arm)
Incline Pause Pushups w/Pushup Bars: BWTx8x3
DB Curls: 25x8x3
Assisted Dips: 3 sets of 8 with 120 lbs of assist

Step Ups: BWTx15x2
Wide Grip Pulldowns: 60x15x2
Single Leg RDL: BWTx15x2
Pushups: BWTx15x2 (gradual cadence, medium grip)
Calf Raises: BWTx15x2
DB Extensions (Tate's): 15x15x2

Each session begins with 15 minutes of elliptical, then the Parisi Warmup, then 20 minutes on the elliptical to finish. Except Friday: warmup was 4 games of volleyball. So week one is done, 15 more to go.

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