Monday, April 28, 2008

Last 2 Days

Sunday, I did what I usually do for a warmup with some shoulder work, extra mobility stuff, suicides, and a jog around the field thrown into the mix. My flexibility is getting better and my knee pain is gone. My shoulders are really feeling good, too. And a good side benefit is that my weight has begun to drop even steadier. I'm now weighing in at 232 lbs in the evening even after dinner, so 220s should come in about another week. All without tricks. After that, I played my Sunday volleyball games.

Today, was the end of TBT week 3, 13 weeks to go.
Bench Step Ups: 3x15@BWT
Hammer ISO Row (Elbows in Close)(each arm): 3x15@60 lbs
DB RDL (Total Weight): 3x15@90 lbs
Pushups: 3x18@BWT
DB Preacher Curls: 3x15@15 lbs
Hammer Calf Press: 3x15@160 lbs

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