Saturday, May 03, 2008

230 No More

This week, I haven't lifted much. Maybe the stress from personal issues zapped my motivation a bit. But since I didn't want to catch up by lifting 4 days in a row, I at least walked with my body armor for an hour plus everyday since Wednesday. Today, I went to the gym in the morning and with just the tee-shirt and uniform pants on, I finally dipped below 230 lbs.

Mind you, I've done this before. This is the first time doing so without resorting to a sauna, or not eating the day before or over-aerobicizing. For me, it's a great sign. Between the weighted vest walking and the weightlifting, I still seem to be maintaining muscle but my waist is starting to get smaller. Now, I just need to schedule out everything. The long energy systems work at the beginning of the weight lifting workouts didn't kill my workouts, but it didn't leave much for recovery.

The only thing I lifted after Monday was a cold 1RM pull of 220 total pounds in the dumbbell deadlift (2 DBs of 110 lbs each) . That's 80 total lbs more than I did on April 13th. Part of that increase was learning the skill, the other was adaptation, the other was the one leg work. I have 13 weeks before this phase is over and I can begin WSFSB III. But it doesn't take a genius to figure out what my goal at the end will be. One is 220 lbs bodyweight. The other? The biggest dumbbells in the gym are 140 lbs, and I'll wear the body armor to get the rest;)


Chris D. said...

Sorry to hear that things haven't been going as planned. Keep your head up.

Alberto said...

It's always good to know that if I don't make a workout, that walking with the vest will do the job. I get to lose the weight and keep my bulk.

And where have you been, Chris? What's going on with your training? And how's life treating you?