Thursday, May 22, 2008

TBT Week 6 Workout 2

Yesterday, I got back to my room at 5:30 PM and took a nap (skipped dinner, I was so sleepy). For 4 hours!?! As you could imagine, I couldn't go to sleep anymore after that. So after getting up, I got dressed in my PT gear (not really wanting to work out), went to the gym, took off my shoes, jumped on the scale, and headed to the office to talk to my wife for a bit.

220 lbs. If I could have taken off my clothes just to see 219, I would have. OK, maybe not!

After talking on the phone, I went to the gym at 11:30. I felt tired so I saved the intervals for today. But to make up for it, I did next week's workout: 3 sets vice 2 of everything (Notation: weight x reps x sets).

Reverse Deficit DB Lunges (Total Weight Shown): 90x8x3. I set the deficit a little higher, and got more of a workout. The weight felt heavier this way, too, so I might lighten it a tad next time for better form on all reps, not just the first 4 or 5.

Hammer ISO Rows (Lats, Elbows In, Weight per movement arm): 92.5x8x3

DB RDL (Total Weight): 160x8x3

DB Incline Laterals: 10x8x3

DB Preacher Curls: 25x8x3

DB Extensions (Tates): 25x8x3

DB External Rotations: 15x8x3

Now, I can sleep.

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