Monday, May 12, 2008

TBT: Week 5

Started dropping the 1-2 Gatorades a day thing. My weight is plateaued at 226 and this I'm sure is not helping. I drink more than enough water and I'm pretty sure I get enough salt from the food. Don't need more carbohydrates.

Did Ab Class for 30 minutes. Considering it's a lot of repetitions/static/twisting work, my abs are still adjusting to the workload. But I'm not sore in the hip flexors, so the adjusting plus after-workout stretching and mobility work is helping too.

Step Ups: 2x18@BWT

45-degree Hyper: 4x10@BWT. 10 is about the most reps I could do with this.

One Leg RDL: 2x18@BWT. In actuality, it's an inverse hamstring stretch as seen in the Core Performance book.

One Arm Neutral DB Press: 2x18@25 lbs

DB Preacher Curls: 2x18@15

Hammer Calf Press: 2x18@165 lbs

DB External Rotations: 2x18@8 lbs

Intervals on a Treadmill (1.5 Degree incline): 2 intervals of 1.5 minutes at 8.2 MPH and 1.5 minutes at 3.0 MPH. To gradually improve my endurance as well as to push the fat loss along, I am cutting 30 seconds a week from the walking and adding it to my running. Hard but doable, and at only 2 intervals it doesn't leave me for dead. After the 4th week, I'll add an interval and start anew at 1 minute running.

Mobility work and static stretching finished me up.

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