Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Training for a 5K & The Prowler Flu


Week Two/Day Two of 13-week 5K running program: 8 intervals of 30 seconds running at 6.5 MPH and 4.5 minutes walking at 3.0 MPH


Deadlifts: worked up from the bar for 5 reps and kept adding 20 pounds until I hit a 5RM at 205 pounds.  Sad how far I have let myself slide since I retired from the Navy Reserves.

Standing Calf Raises: Done for each set of deadlifts to failure.

Deadbugs:  Done for each set of deadlifts to failure.

Lateral Sled Drags: 4 drags each side with a 45-lbs plate on the sled

When my ex-wife's sister, Jo, showed up for me to train her we concluded her workout with eight Prowler pushes for 40 yards and two 25-lbs plates.  I told her that we would choose which trip to take: she chose the trip with the slight decline which left me with the return trip at a slight incline.  We rested long enough with the other person's trip and maybe a few extra seconds as needed.  On trip 5 my nephew wanted to race me so I raced him up the hill with the Prowler, then spent a couple of minutes trying to walk off the spins and feeling of having to barf.  Needless to say, I got home and slept like a champ.

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