Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ending The First Week Back On A Good Note


LifeFitness Treadmill: 50 minutes at 3.0 MPH, Random setting, Level 7.

Friday: Hips are so tired.  Didn't run Day Three.

Saturday: Trained Jo, did some of her workout including the squats and chins on a machine.

Sunday (10:00 AM):

Bodyweight in the morning: 258 pounds.  Sob!!!!

Hoist Neutral Grip Chinup: started at 160 pounds of assistance for 5 reps and hit a 5 RM at 130 pounds of assistance.

MARPO Kinetics Seated Rope Pull: 4 sets for time at Resistance Setting of 7

Incline Bench Press: 45x5 to 135x5 in 15-lbs increments
Band Pullaparts: one set each set of bench presses to failure

LifeFitness Bicep Curl: 10x15, 20x12, 30x10, 40x8, 50x6, 60x4, 70x2

Week Two/Day Three of 13-week 5K running program: 8 intervals of 30 seconds running at 6.5 MPH and 4.5 minutes walking at 3.0 MPH

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