Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In the Groove (Finally)

All Notation: Weight x Reps x Sets

Flat Bench Press: 140X5, 150X5, 160X7 (Rep Out Set)
Assisted Chinups(Monster Mini/Light Bands): 5 sets of 3
T-Bar Row: 70X15X3
Nautilus Laterals: Worked up to 100 lbs 2RM
DB Extensions: 15X15X3
DB Hammer Curls: 20x15X3
DB Hex Holds: 25 X 3 for max time. 30 seconds was my max time, 20 seconds on my last set

DB Swings: 30x6x4. If this doesn't seem like a lot, my coordination was barely good with this and my balance was off. I've never done these, either. The weight will come.
Conventional Deadlift: 230X5, 245X5, 265X7 (Rep Out Set)
Hoist Roc-It Leg Curls: 133x5x5
Seated Calf Raises: worked up to 80 lbs 4RM
GHR Reverse Hyper W/Monster Mini Bands: 2 sets of 3, 2 sets of 2. I got the rigging right but now the resistance was stronger. These sets were to failure.
Bulgarian Split Squats: BWTx6x4. Done after everything else, just didn't have much left.
GHR Situps: BWTx6x4. Hard, and I was being deliberate with these.

The following exercises get done at the Naval Submarine Base Bangor Gym first, then I do the rest at home: T-Bar Row, Nautilus Laterals, Hoist Roc-It Leg Curls, and Seated Calf Raises.

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