Monday, February 06, 2012

Week 1: DE Bench

So, where have I been?

I took a two week vacation New Years Eve, then two weeks of not being motivated enough to do much of anything. 

I tested myself on 4 lifts during the week: the dumbbell shoulder press, the conventional deadlift, 14" box squat, and the flat bench press.  The numbers are pretty sorry.  So was my speed on all of it.  So I am switching back to a Westside template.  And we'll see how it goes.

My number's in the 3 lifts I want to improve most, to start: 195 for the bench press, 285 for the conventional deadlift, and 260 for the 14" box squat.

All Notation: Weights x Reps x Sets

Flat Bench Press (60% of 1RM): 75x3, 95x3, 115x3x8

DB Shoulder Press: 30x8x3

Assisted Chinups (Average bands): sets of 7, 6, 5 reps

DB Rows (Elbows Out)(Test): 20x5,  25x5, 30x5, 35x5, 40x5, 45x5, 50x2.

Did not do snatch grip deadlifts, since I had tested the deadlifts yesterday.  Will start adding metabolic work tomorrow.

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