Monday, July 02, 2012

ME Lower Body

14" SSB Box Squat w/1-pr of Chain: 105x2, 135x2, 165x2, 195x2, 225x2, 255x2, 285x1, 295x1 (chains removed),  Didn't squat this weekend, and I want to keep my workouts this week.  So this was all that I did, and I did doubles so that I wouldn't get sore.  I did superset this with calf raises.

Finisher: Week 4 of the Cool Runnings Couch to 5K program: 2 intervals of 1.5 minutes running at 6.6 MPH and 1.5 minutes walking at 3.5 MPH followed by 2 intervals of 3 minutes running and 3 minutes walking at the same speeds. 

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