Tuesday, November 12, 2013

5/3/1: Shoulders 5/3/1

Hoist Assisted Dip Machine (Weight is Bodyweight minus Assistance): 85.6x5, 95.6x5, 125.6x3, 145.6x3, 165.6x2, 185.6x1, 215.6x2 (2RM).  I needed to see where I was on dips since I haven't tested them in a long time, so shoulder presses were relegated to being an assistance movement today.

LifeFitness ISO Shoulder Press: 60x10, 8, 6, 5 reps

Hoist Roc-It Mid-Row: 117x10, 130x10, 143x10, 155x10

Hoist Roc-It Lat Pulldown (Wide/Pronated): 86x10x4

LifeFitness ISO Row (Elbows In): 115x8x4.  Finally, this machine was freed up so I ditched bicep curls and did this.

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