Saturday, June 03, 2006

Navy PRT

I got home about an hour ago and took a long, very hot shower. I feel like some Margaritas and a steak tonight, I hope my wife does not want sushi!!!


I reached my goals in the pushups (56, a 15 pushup improvement and in only one minute vice the 2 the Navy gives you) and situps (70, a 17 situp improvement I used all two minutes for), both Good-High per Navy regulations. I was looking for high 13s in the 1.5 mile run but surprised myself by running a sub 13 for the first time in over 7 years (12:54 minutes, a Good-Medium). I'm thrilled, because this is the first PRT I actually trained for and it payed off big time. I now have a base for the future I can build on, and I start that on Monday for the next 17 weeks. I learned a lot that I will be carrying into my next cycle.

I rested this week, except for walking twice a day and total rest on Friday. I also ate what a wanted within reason.

Thanks to all of you for your support. Thanks to Yeoman 1st Class Becky Work, who paced me and talked me through it. And a big thanks to my wife, who put up with me and my occasional grouchiness knowing how important this was. She told me I'd be fine, and I kept that in mind.

And now, I have a bench meet to prepare for Aug 12!


Jon said...

Great numbers and congrats on passing. Now, let's see that bench skyrocket.

Chris D. said...

Awesome job Alberto...

What's the next 17 weeks hold? I think I heard some mutterings about a bench meet this summer or was that this fall?

Alberto Caraballo said...

Jon and Chris:
Thanks as always. I'm entering a bench meet scheduled for August 12th. I have my next PRT in 17 weeks and I have to figure out my goals for that one and time my running cycle. I don't have all my equipment yet so 4 days a week of weights is kind of inconvenient. I'll have it all figured out shortly. Probably for eight weeks, it'll be bench twice a week and squat once a week for speed. That leaves me a week to deload for the meet.

Gords said...

Great job hitting those numbers. I bet you feel wonderful hitting that milestone. Best of luck preparing for the meet too.

Scott said...

That's great news - congrats. I look forward to hearing more about the meet.

Lou A. said...

Great job Man!!!!
where's your Aug meet going to be at? Let us know.