Monday, July 14, 2008

WSFSB III: ME Lower Body

It should have been DE Lower Body, but today I learned of the stupid limits of the gym here at Camp Le Monier, Djibouti.

I did Ab Class first, which covered me for abs. So at 7 PM I enter the gym, and I have an open squat rack that I could use for the bands but no bars to use. One would think that whoever maintains the gym would know that for each rack/bench press station, there should be a bar. Plus extras for deadlifting and squatting, and they should suit those purposes. As it is, this isn't the case: there ain't enough bars to go around, and they're all for bench pressing. And there was none available. So I went back to the office for a couple of hours to futz around, drank some coffee to keep me from wanting to go to my CLU and go to sleep, then went back to the gym around 9:30 PM.

One squat rack available, but I couldn't use the bands with it. It was flat to the ground with no space to put the bands underneath it. And I had to grab a bar from one of the benches. So, while waiting for the other rack to open up, I figured I'd do sumo deadlifts just to see where I was at. I worked up to a 275 lbs 5 RM from 135 lbs in increments of 30 lbs. I then tried 305 but just didn't have enough left to pull it.

Whoever was using the rack still was not done. Fuck!!!

So I decided on box squats, slightly below parallel. The safeties had missing pins so I couldn't move them up - - - they were a few inches above my ankles. I managed to get to a controlled but grinding 275 single. I then tried 305 and had complete control of it going down but had nothing left to lift it with. And since the pins were too low, I need two people to get the bar off of me.

After all that, I skipped the single leg work, and did everything else. Kinda bummed, but I'll take it.

GHR: 21 reps in two sets.

Hammer Calf Press: 290x5x5.

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