Monday, January 17, 2011

5/3/1: Wave 3 Week 1 Squat

12" SSB Close Stance Squat (295)(Adjusted Max 290): 90x5, 120x5, 145x5, 175x3, 205x2, 220x5, 235x5, 250x7 (Rep Out Set). I felt strong today, the reps were smooth, and even hours later my back felt fine. I played my cards right the last time.

Single Calf Raises: Supersetted with squats

Assisted GHR (Average Band): 5 sets of 6. Sad, I used to do more than this without bands. Neglect will do that.

GHR Reverse Hyper: BWT x 6 x 5. I wanted to get used to a more controlled motion first with a hold before bringing the bands back. Without the band setup, I gave up the tractioning effect at the bottom.

Side Planks: 4 holds per side, longest hold was 25 seconds and the shortest was 11 seconds.

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