Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Pushups: I attempted 4 sets of 30 seconds, the last two sets I could only go 20 seconds.

Decline Situps: I attempted 4 sets of 30 seconds, 3rd set was 20 seconds, 4th set was 15 seconds.

Played basketball for aerobics. My lower half feels beat up from Saturday's workout. And yesterday's workout was tough, especially the deficit deads. Took it easy, since I have Arched Back GMs and Leg Presses to do tomorrow.

I ate pretty smart today, I think. I had the last slice of thin-crust veggie pizza and a chicken breast for breakfast, soup and yogurt for lunch and a 12" Subway Ultimate Turkey, Bacon, Avocado sub with a cup of chocolate milk. May have a glass of whey before bed to help me recover.

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