Friday, February 03, 2006

Yesterday's Light Stuff

LifeFitness Elliptical, Level 6 Random: 30 minutes steady state.

Ankle Dragging: 2 laps forward, 2 laps backwards (10 lbs).

Forward Sled dragging: 60 lbs for 3 laps

Sled Reverse Woodchoppers: Both sides, one lap each. I lightened the weight to 25 lbs to get a much better feel.
Sled Pullthroughs: 1 lap with 60 lbs. Combined, I got a wicked pump in my lower back and erectors. The combo of rotational work and regular low back stuff should be just the ticket to being more injury proof.

Backward Sled dragging: 60 lbs for 3 laps

Face Pulls and Rear Laterals: one lap each.

Sled Chest Work: one lap with 25 lbs. Extend arms forward and walk, letting the sled pull your arms back to a slight stretch, then press the weight forward as if you were benching.

Weight this morning: 235.5.

1 comment:

Chris D. said...

235...nice...should be 230 in no time flat!