Monday, June 23, 2008

TBT Week 2 Workout 1

Friday: Walked in my body armor for 1.5 hours. Played 4 games of really good volleyball. We played a department that we beat the week before and they came out swinging. We still beat them 3 games to 1, but we had to work for it. Then I ran to the CLU and showered and ran to the Cantina to catch Hinder ("Lips of An Angel"), who were kind enough to do a free concert for the troops. They kicked ass.

Saturday: Same thing. Right after Ab Class.

Sunday: Should have worked out. Slept until 2PM, went to check my weight (now I'm 218), got a haircut, futzed around on the computer at work, ate a really good dinner (Been eating lower carbohydrate diet to stimulate some fat loss, but today was not the day.), took a two hour nap, talked to a friend of mine I've been playing phone tag with for weeks and finally reached her. There went the day.

Today: Made up for not working out Sunday by doing Week 3's workout.

Reverse 90/90 Stretch@4
Inverted Hamstring Stretch@4
Forward Lunge, Elbow to Instep@4
Quad Stretch
Combination Hamstring/Calf Stretch
Shoulder Complex
Leg Cradle
Glute Bridge (Marching)(Knee Extension)@6
Knee Hug
Drop Lunge (6@)
Stationary Leg Swings (10 reps, front to back)
Stationary Leg Swings (10 reps, side to side)
Drop Squat and Stabilize@3
Squat Jump – Non Countermovement@3
Scorpions (8@)
Iron Cross (8@)
Fire Hydrant Circles (10@, forward and backward)
Low Pogo Jumps: 3 sets of 20 seconds
High Pogo Jumps: 3 sets of 20 seconds

6:30PM: Ab Class

DB Bulgarian Split Squats (weight is total): 40x5x4

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown: 105x5x4

DB Romanian Deadlift (weight is total): 180x5x4

Hammer ISO Shoulder Press: 85x5x4

DB Preacher Curls: 30x5x4

DB Extensions (Tates): 30x5x4

Hammer Calf Press: Worked up to 290x5x4

DB External Rotations: 20x5x4

Intervals on a Treadmill (1.5 Degree incline): 3 intervals of 1 minute at 8.4 MPH and 2 minutes at 3.0 MPH.

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