Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Short Summary of TBT Week 7

Wednesday, pulled a mid/upper back muscle doing lat pulldowns and DB Reverse Lunges . . . WTF!!! Managed to get through almost everything but ditched the DB RDLs and sprint intervals as a precaution. Then I took two days off.

Saturday, did the Abs Class and vest walking. Took Sunday off.

Monday, I more than made up for not doing the RDLs on Wednesday, and completed the third workout of week 7. Pulled 260 (130 lbs DBs) in the dumbbell deadlift, so I'm 20 lbs away from my goal of pulling the 150s. Did my two intervals at the end. But my biggest highlight happened out of the gym. While leaving the office at night after blogging this, I got on the chinup bar outside of the building and finally got one (just a tad bit of kipping). The last time I did a chinup was at around 178, around 1994. I'm around 218-219 now.

Week 8 begins today.

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