Friday, January 14, 2005


Tested my last few lifts for this cycle and just had a MetRx bar for lunch. I'm gonna do aerobics today.

Testing is simple: 45% 1RM (previous max)x5 reps, 60%x3, 75%x1, 90%x1, 105%x1 and if that rep felt good, 111%x1. On the Hoist assisted dip/Chin station, weigh myself on the electronic scale and subtract the amount of assistance to get as close to my target weight as possible. Half or 3/4 reps or sloppy reps don't count. If I double a weight, I might use Brzycki's formula to compute 1RM: weight lifted/[1.0278 -(.0278xnumber of reps)]. And if I cannot hold the weight in the contracted position for even a slight pause, that rep does not count, either!!!

T-Bar Row: 145x2, computed to about 150 lbs.
Seated Cable Rows: 160 lbs single.
Dumbell Presses: 55 lbs dumbells for a single.
Hoist Assisted Neutral Grip Chinup: 142.5 (my bodyweight was 242.5 clothed minus 100 lbs of assistance) for a double, computed to about 147 lbs.
Hoist Assisted Wide Pullup: 122.5 lbs single
Hoist Assisted Dips: 212.5 lbs double, computed to about 219 lbs.
Squats: no warmups, this was to avenge Tuesday's embarassing lift. Stance was just a little wider than shoulder width, I didn't push my ass too far back, actually got a spotter so I wouldn't have to worry about my hands hitting the pins. My anger came in handy: 325 lbs came down easy, and went up slightly less easy. I know I have speed issues there: I can parallel box squat 305 lbs, and my old carryover was about 55 lbs to my squat. But I'll fix that eventually.


John said...

Good job on all your PRs, Alberto. And that Prilepin based routine you have planned looks good. I am sticking with the 3x3 to it's completion, then I'll max out and decide whether or not to cycle through it one more time or do the Coan periodization.
Bryzicki's formula is not as reliable as the NSCA co-efficients. I think the Epley formula is better for lifts other than the big three. Just my opinion.
And what exactly is the Navy fitness test? I am familiar with the Army PT test, is it similar?

Alberto said...

Thanks, John. I've actually used both but find the Brzycki formula to be closer to my true max than the Epley, calculated off of a 3 or 2 rep max. If I had more fast twitch muscles, the Epley formula might be more applicable.
In the Navy PT test, they test the swim or 1.5 mile run, pushups, and situps twice a year. You also get tested for weight or bodyfat: weight standard for my 5'10" body is 192 max or a 22% bodyfat max. About a year ago, I started training for those like I would for an event, with a strength phase followed by a phase to build muscle, then an endurance phase. From April to October, I dropped from 26% BF to 20% without dropping a pound: in 1999, I was 22% at 206 and 20% at 234 this way. My next test is May, and I wan't 15% BF and much better running and physical numbers.
By the way, John, how is your current muscalirity after week 1 of the 3x3? By sight and by feel?

John said...

After the first week of the 3x3, I've noticed my legs are getting bigger. My glutes have tightened up, my hamstrings are bulking up and my quads have added some size too. My upper thigh measurement has gone from 25" to 26"... my waist is still 37" but my gut feels harder to the touch... my traps and forearms are starting to look mean from the deadlifting. I used to DL only once every one or two weeks so switching to 3 times a week has produced results fast.
I am still eating like a bear (three steaks and four slices of pizza last night) so my weight is holding at 198