Monday, January 17, 2005

Week 1:Prilepin Leg Day/Heavy

I was there at the gym when it opened at 10 AM. I decided to work my front squat different: I ran a test on it first, since the last time I tested on it was early December when I got my Sting Ray (All notation: weight x reps x sets), then did the Prilepin work sets.

Front Squat (205): 95x5, 125x3, 155x1, 185x1, 215x1 (10 lbs PR), 180x2x3.
Seated Calf Raises (110): 55x10, 70x8, 77.5x6x2
Standing Calf Raises (110): 55x10, 70x8, 77.5x6x2
Assisted Glute Ham Raise (90 lbs assist): 4 sets of 5 reps
Back Extensions w/medicine ball (kg): 0 kg x 10 reps, 2 kg x 8 reps, 4 kg x 6reps, 5 kg x 6 reps

Hours later, took my son and his friend to the gym. Played an unscheduled game of basketball, so my cardio was well taken care of. Then shot a few with my son, went for a long 3-point jumper, and on takeoff both of my calves cramped hard (Calcium, anyone?). Then I landed all wrong and sprained my ankle - - - damn, does bad luck come in threes? So right now, I'm limping a bit. I'll be fine by my next leg day. But right now . . . . OUCH!!!


John said...

Great job on the front squats, Alberto! That's an exercise I rarely do... when I squat regular I feel it across the top of my thighs, so I don't feel like I need the extra quad stimulation. My front squat max oly style is 155, my wrists can't take much more weight than that.
Did you ever give thought to having two heavy legs days a week... one for quads and the other for hams? IE, front squats one day and RDLs or GMs the other? Just my 2 cents.

Alberto said...

Actually, since you mention it, I do. The next leg day is arched back good mornings, work sets at 82% 1rm for 6 sets of 3, with 4 sets of front squats as my assistance movement for 10 to 8 reps. On both leg days, I do seated and standing calf raises, and I do assisted GHRs for 4 sets of 5. On the GHRs, once I can do 4 sets of 10, I'll drop the assistance 10 lbs.

Kris said...

Hey Alberto! Really nice to see that you also got into this powerlifting blogging business. Will be following your training with interest.

Alberto said...

Since I don't work out with a partner, this is about the only way to get feedback and critique on what I do. As soon as I get the pictures thing mastered, the sky's the limit.

Kris said...

There will be pictures? Really looking forward to that. Also, if you get around to taking some training clips, but don't have anywhere to put them I would be glad to host them off my server for free.

Alberto said...

Thanks for the offer, tell me how I can do this or where I can learn how. My contact email is I have a Canon Powershot A95 Digicam, Adobe Photoshop CS, Hello software, and a broadband connection.
By the way, since it was your site that introduced me to Patrick Nyman's Prilepin routine (I've used it for back and leg training), how did that routine work for your bench press and what shortcomings did you find with it? I'm thinking of training bench with it instead of shoulders either now or my next cycle. I also notice that 300 is right around the corner for you, too, on your bench. I envy you.

Kris said...

The bench program didn't work for me at all although I got through it fine. At the time, my bench had just gotten royally stuck, so I am not quite ready to conclude that the program doesn't work for me. You can't make continuous gains, and what works in one situation does not necessarily in another. I really like the way the program is built. Hopefully, 300 is indeed right around the corner, at least I can see myself putting that up from the boards pretty soon.

I'll send you an e-mail about video editing sometime in the evening after I get off work. It is 7am here in Finland now.

Kris said...

My e-mailed was bounced by an overzealous spam filter at your end. Could you allow kris at

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