Saturday, April 01, 2006

Today's Measurement on Drill Weekend

My wife's mom took us out to dinner last night at her favorite Chinese buffet. Those of you who have read Chris D's travails of said nature know how this ends up. I was weighed in this morning (clothed) at 240 lbs - - - 4 more pounds than last month!!! My waist size only dropped by .5 inches (to 39.5 inches) - - - since I was sick half of March, I didn't expect to lose anything but I'll take the 1/2 inch. But my neck measurement went up 1 inch to 17.5 inches, which drove my bodyfat percentage down 3 points to 23% - - - so I should be in the clear next month.


Chris D. said...

Yeah Chinese buffets are downright evil! :)

Steph said...


It's well agreed they are nutritionally evil... but taste so good. Sadly as my wife is on a bit of a health kick (so by default I am too) the word buffet very rarely comes into my dining choices any more.

The Pizza Hut buffet comes drifting into mind somehow.