Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wave 2 Begins

LifeFitness Treadmill (Walking speed 3.8 MPH, Running Speed 7.0 MPH): 5 intervals of 3 minutes running/3 minutes walking. Very hard but I was motivated to finish.

Evening (ME Squat/DL):
I think of each new wave much like a new toy to play with. Since my mission is an 18" or greater neck by May with more fat loss, my deadlifting will be tougher. The snatch grip deads become a sub-max movement for reps, and the ME movement brings out the big dog: rack pulls 2" below the knees - - - I might just get my inch!!! Wave 3 will be my respite from all of this.

16" Box Squat: 145x5, 175x5, 205x5, 235x5 (felt a bit hard out of the rack, I think I was not tight enough), 265x5 (Put on a belt as tight as it would go, got me a spotter, and got tight.), 275x5 (I felt brave but I was extra careful with these - - - very exhausting.).

Nautilus Nitro Abduction: tested to a 125 4RM. Thanks, Jon, for the kick in the ass. No more guess work.

Nautilus Nitro Adduction: tested to a 110 2RM.

Band GHR: Failure at 6, 5, 4, 4 reps. I lowered the band to the next bar behind me so I would have less rebound and the band would go slack sooner. I must step it up for the bigger squat and DL I want.

24" Box step-up: BWT for 3 sets of 10. If you can imagine a below parallel step-up, you've got the right idea. Hard enough without weight, so I kept it that way. That's 230+ pounds of me I have to lift (sort of), anyways.

Incline Sit-ups: Failure at 19, 14, 10, 8 reps.

Seated Calf Raises: Worked up to a 90 lbs 2RM.


Lou A. said...

Just a question what do yo drink during the week. I can honestly say that during a one month span I drink.
75% Water
15% Ice Tea
9% Beer
1% Soda
I may be off a little bit--I really only drink water. I just wanted to see what you put in your body. If I have a glass of soda during the month--it's a lot! I drink maybe a bottle of pepsi over a one year span.

Alberto Caraballo said...

I try to drink about 3 32oz Gatorade bottles of water a day - - - the aerobics suck me dry. I also like a cup of green tea or coffee. I'm pretty good about soda, but I have a weakness for Coca Cola and Slurpees. I drink on occasion, too. As soon as I move and have all my kitchen stuff out like my blender, my nutrition will be better but I would rather work it off than starve it off.

Scott said...

What are the goals with the rack pulls - mainly hypertrophy? Just wondering why you've picked that height in particular.

Alberto Caraballo said...

Of course, I want upper back power and a strong deadlift - - - the box squats take care of my low end. But hypertrophy is my main goal: when I used them last time for heavy triples, I put an inch on my neck in one month.

The racks I use in either gym have wide spacing, nothing like the 1" or 1.5 inch spacing of a good powerlifting rack. So it's either below or above my knees. 2" BTK gives me a longer pull than above the knees, which I'm more focused on. But your query is intriguing. Would going at the knees or higher with more weight blow up my upper back more and give me an even bigger yoke? Anyone?

Lou A. said...

You have to go to and go into the debate section. There is a guy bill lawlor that is such a baby, it's the funniest shit in the world. he's calling me all sorts of names and stuff. Post a message in there that he's a baby or something like that. That guy is gonna get nose bleeds soon! It's funny as Shit!

Scott said...

I initially asked because - in my own case - I can pull significantly more (at least 20kg) when working above the knee. The downside, as I'm sure you're aware, is the longer recovery time.

The high rack pulls certainly help with hypertrophy; though I'm not sure if I'd get smaller/bigger gains if using a longer ROM.

Alberto Caraballo said...

I'm giving it a serious thought, Scott. I've done them below the knees before and this would be different. That, and the prospect of using a shitload of weight might be just what my traps and lockouts need.

Jon said...

You posted abduction for both of your Nautilus tests. Why are those two words so similar???

Alberto Caraballo said...

Oooops:) Thanks, Jon!

Anonymous said...

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