Monday, November 29, 2010

5/3/1: Week 2 Squat

12" SSB Close Stance Box Squat: 90x3, 120x3, 150x3, 180x3, 210x3, 240x3, 285x3. Was in line for a while for a haircut, and had a lot of errands to run and dinner to cook so this was all I had time for. Since I didn't get it done last week, I felt like going for a 3-rep max. 285 was good for the 3RM even with a pause at the bottom. It didn't feel heavy when I racked it and went up smoother and faster than the 275 triple I had just over a week ago with the straight bar, so the arched back good mornings and leg presses may be paying off dividends.

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