Monday, March 06, 2006

75 Percent!!!

I'm slowly starting to feel lots better. Right now, I'm so sleep deprived that I might get some fitful sleep: past few days, it's like my brain won't slow down and I'm sleeping in spurts. While not 100% well, I felt good enough to give today ME Squat/DL session a go. I'm starting week 2 over again since too much time passed since my last workout. Did not run at lunch since I had to take my son to the doctor - - - his turn!!!

18" Box Squats: 145x5, 165x5, 185x5, 205x5, 225x5, 255x5, 285x5 (5RM-added belt), 295x4 (I went for a fifth rep, brought it down under control, rose a tad and started seeing glittery stuff so I sat back down and put the bar on the pins). Glad I didn't try 305 - - - I wouldn't have finished as happy.

DB Walking Lunges (Sum of DBs x reps per leg): 50x10, 60x10 (puked out of the window), 40x10
Ankle Jumps: 3 sets of 23

Nautilus Nitro Leg Abduction: 55x10, 65x10, 80x8
Nautilus Nitro Leg Adduction: 55x10, 65x10, 80x8

Band GHR: 3 sets of 6
Situps: Failure at 22, 17, 14 reps


Lou A. said...

Your up to 295! I would love to be at 295. My legs are just so weak. I have a hard time doing any reps at 225 right now. That's one of the things i'm really gonna try and do is squat, squat, squat. It should really help my DL. Work out looks pretty good.

Stinn said...

Nice weight on the box squats Alberto, hopefully the box lowering progression will work well and you'll be close to that weight on the parallel box.

Alberto Caraballo said...

Twice a week squatting should work for you, one day hard and one day submaximal or repetition. Also, good mornings will help the weight feel lighter when you rack it and make for a straighter back on the squat.

We'll find out in a few weeks. I've done 285 on a parallel box about a year ago for a single. My goal is a 295 5RM on a 12" box.

Scott said...

Alberto, good to see you on the road to recovery. With the seeing stars AND puking, that's a great squat workout :)