Thursday, March 09, 2006

DB Farmers Walk for Lunch

40-LBS DBs for two trips (warmup)
50-LBS DBs for two trips
60-LBS DBs for one trip
70-LBS DBs for 1 trip (stopped halfway to reset grip)
75-LBS DBs for 1 trip w/straps (My forearms were on fire after the first 1/3 of the trip)
80-LBS for no trips because I couldn't hold on even with the straps.
rested 2 minutes
80 lbs DB static holds for 18 seconds each hand.
90 lbs DB static holds for 12 seconds each hand.

Next time, I'm doing the heaviest ones first and descend. After this and yesterdays DLs and chins, I'm sure the pain train's coming for my traps!


Lou A. said...

What are DB's Did you buy tickets for the pain train? LOL
really, what are the db's?

Scott said...

Alberto, I can see the inaugural shrug-off is going to be close :)

Alberto Caraballo said...

DBs are dumbbells. I woke up this morning and not only is my upper back shot but my traps are almost to the base of my skull. I almost made myself sick, too . . . not smart.

It's on, but not that close. More for competitive reasons, it bugs me that I want to deadlift a lot but can't shrug that much like you can. That, and my grip strength, will bite me in the ass if I don't fix it.

Jon said...

Working down rather than up might be a better move if you want to hold those higher weights. Just remember, you can always hold those static holds one more second. Find it in you.