Monday, March 27, 2006

ME Squat/DL

If one really thinks about it, I spent the first half of March sick. With the family OK and my illnesses gone, I felt a little rusty going into today's workout. So, I started the third week of this wave conservative: not out to set PRs, content to even get what I got on week 2.

LifeFitness Treadmill (Walking speed 3.8 MPH, Running Speed 7.0 MPH): 5 intervals of 2 minutes running/4 minutes walking.

18" Box Squats: 145x5, 175x5, 205x5, 235x5, 265x5, 295x5 (5RM). Since I got 4 reps with 295 last time, I went for my fifth and stopped there. Good, because all 5 reps at 295 was tougher this time around.

Nautilus Nitro Leg Abduction: 60x10, 70x10, 80x7
Nautilus Nitro Leg Adduction: 55x10, 65x10, 80x10

Band GHR: 4 sets of 6
Situps: Failure at 24, 17, 13, 13 reps. A little better than before.

DB Walking Lunges (Sum of DBs x reps per leg): 50x10, 60x10
Ankle Jumps: 15 lbs for 17 reps, 25 lbs for 13 reps. No third set, just didn't have it.


Lou A. said...

Damn your up to 295x5 on the squat now! And did it after being sick. I really suck at squats. I have to try and catch up with you! Good luck with that. Well, looks like your back on the bike. Hope you feel better. Make sure your eating some fruit. Good job A!

Alberto Caraballo said...

Lou, it's just an 18" box squat:) Not to be modest, but it is like doing a controlled 1/4 squat with a slight pause. I'll be happy when I get 295 with a 14" (Parallel, for me) box, and I'll go apeshit if I could hit 295x5 for a 12" box squat. But at least I get to feel the weight and learn to control it. Next week, the box drops to 16 inches.

BTW, you can do this too, Lou. Let's figure out how, tell me about your technique, flaws, and indicators (ie. if I gain on lift A, lift B goes up) for your squat.

Lou A. said...

I really have no idea what is going on with my squat. I never had anybody but my uncle see me squat and he said that I go down well below parallel. During comps, do you have to pause with the squat or no? I just thought you had to go down and come back up--being sure to break parallel! Any experience with this? I'm very happy with my squats today. If i'm able to video my next Squat day --can I just e-mail you the video. I still have no idea how to put pictures & video on this blog. To tell the truth i'm not very good with this stuff at all. By the time I put pictures/video on the site i'll be 50 years old. LOL

Alberto Caraballo said...

I've never competed so aside from asking Stinn or Jamie or Mike or John, I would train according to the rules of the fed you train in. I pause on boxes for a second or two, even though I've heard that you go up on the "up" command in comp. The good thing about boxes is that I don't have to guess when I'm parallel. When I train with no boxes, I go by the feel I have with the box and use the mirror unless I have a spotter to watch.

In the squat, you must have a very strong back, all over. Lots of upper back work and RDLs are great, but arched back good mornings rock. When you become stronger in those, the weight feels lighter once you rack it and your lower back will be taxed less in the hole. Aside from glutes and hams, single leg work may be the ticket to resurrecting your squat. Just ask Chris D, he'll tell you. You also need to do more low rep work with more weight: If you do 3 sets of 10 with 225, that's only 3 first reps and your subsequent reps will be slower (in comp, you want speed).5 sets of 3 with 255 gives you 5 first reps, and 7 sets of 2 gives you 7 first reps. Your CNS will also be forced to handle heavier weights.

As for video, Blogger alone does not host video. What I do is to ask permission from Scott, Chris D., or Kris ( to host it. If they say yes, I email it to them, they give me a hyperlink, and when I do my post I insert the link. There are also services that host video for free.

Chris D. said...

Way to come back Alberto! I'm still shooting for a max in the 300 range so to get 5 reps in is pretty impressive...even if it's a quarter squat! :)

I'm sure it varies from organization to organization, but the one APF event I watched you only got a signal to lift from a lifting partner of your own. The judges don't tell you to lift on the squat.

Alberto Caraballo said...

I need to go to one of these things. After I wrote that, I thought to myself, "If that's so true, then why all the blown squats in comp?"

BTW, Chris, 300 in the squat is not so far away for you, looking at your workouts.

Scott said...

Alberto : great to see you back.

Lou : I'm more than happy to host video for you. Just email it/them to me.

Stinn said...

Nice come back Alberto. Like was mentioned there is no up command for squatting. You get a start command and a rack command but you have to figure out when you hit depth. However alot of people have someone to call it for them.

Lou A. said...

So, are you guys saying that there is no pause?
I think it's
Hit-go under parallel.
squat up
I don't think there is a pause in the squat--not like witht he bench where the bar has to be motionless. Right?

Alberto Caraballo said...

Read page 6 of the following link, from the APF/WPC.

A pause in squat training improves your ability to explode out of the hole.