Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Last Few Days

April 27 & 28:
LifeFitness Elliptical, Level 8 Hill (Random): 30 minutes

Lunchtime: LifeFitness Elliptical, Level 9 Hill (Around The World): 30 minutes.

Today's Workout was abbreviated down to two exercises. I had to run home to change into cleaner gear (My aerobics gear was dirty from last Friday) and we were going to be busy with the house today.

16" Box Squat: 145x5, 175x5, 205x5, 235x5, 265x5, 295x5. I forgot my belt at home and was too into the set to go get one. Desi spotted me on this one. On what should have been my first rep, the weight hit the pins before my butt hit the box - - - pins too high, I was so mad. Should have taken a moment and reset but I was afraid of being spooked on what was my goal. So I lifted this back to the rack, reset the pins, and immediately started the set again with even more focus. I almost got stuck on the last rep but held on long enough at my sticking point to break it. So, I'm happy. Next week, the box drops 2 inches to 14".

Incline Situps: Failure at 23, 18, 15, 13 reps. More reps than my best week.


Lou A. said...

great job on the 295! Way to go guy. It's hard to get those 5 rep sets going. Glad you go got it.

Scott said...

Diving straight back into the squat set - I'm impressed. Nice work.

nhpowerlifter said...

Nice work. Way to gut it out. I am jealous. We are looking to buy another house too and cannot wait to do so. Can't wait to get settled in, so I can train at home and shed myself of this hour long commute (each way).

Alberto Caraballo said...

Thanks, guys. This squat cycle has been good to me, it has given me lots of confidence. The weight also feels lighter as I rack it and descend. The only sacrifice I've made is speed but I'll start on that close to July.

Rick, I feel ya. The commute to my favorite gym (I could walk 5 minutes to the gym on this base, but it doesn't have what I need)eats at my time, so the gym at home will be a blessing. An hour, though? You are dedicated. What does your home gym setup look like?

nhpowerlifter said...

it's basic. i have a power rack, 500lbs of olympic weights, some heavy dumbells, a bench and odd and ends.