Wednesday, May 03, 2006

SE/RE Back/Bench

Ahhhhh, this wave is now 2 workouts from being over. I'm so beat. I think the two days a week of deadlifting is catching up to me, and rack pulls are on Monday. That, and doing deadlifts last when all my other muscles have been pounded has been pushing me to my limit. My next wave will be easier than this one: no deadlifts, just arched back GMs done for 5 RM one day and submax effort the next. On paper, a parallel box squat for 295x5 would calculate to a 330 1Rm on that same lift so, considering that my arched back GM is 82-87.9% of my squat, I'm working towards a 270-290 lbs GM 1RM. The most I've done is 255 lbs for a single, when my squat was 325 (05Jan14).

Walked 30 minutes at lunch. Beautiful day, too beautiful to be indoors.

Nautilus Nitro Laterals: 135x4 (Testing for my next wave, thought I had 125 loaded but forgot about the pin on the 10 lbs increment), 65x5, 75x5, 85x5, 95x5, 115x5x4.

T-Bar Rows: 65x5, 75x5, 85x5, 95x5, 115x5x5.

Nautilus Nitro Compund Rows: 95x6, 110x6, 125x6, 140x4.

Spotted Desi on his first free squats in 7 months, the joined him on a rep-out with 225 lbs. He got 10, I got 8 - - - I had more depth and longer range of motion. Who am I kidding? After all his other sets (Including a good rep out of two with 335), I should have matched him at least.

18" Incline Bar Pushups: Failure at 16, 11, 8, 6.
Hammer Curls: 25x10x2, 30x5, 30x3. Pushups killed me. Funny, I felt the burn in the places I had worked before (biceps, back, delts, upper forearm).

Snatch Grip Deadlifts: 135x5, 155x5, 165x5x5. On submax days, this is my 63% 1RM week, usually an easy day. Except today. Oh, my form was great. It just felt like running a marathon.

Ate a lot of sushi for dinner afterwards. I was so tired and hungry, I barely talked to the wife while eating.


Kris said...

One cannot have too much sushi. :-)

Looking at some mighty GMs; do you plan on doing them suspended or off the pins... or going regular style?

Alberto Caraballo said...

Before I answer that question, Kris (since your suggestion intrigues me), I have a question about the GMs off the pins since I don't have the gear to suspend the bar - - - yet. Since it is a concentric lift only, how do you put the bar down with GMing it? And in your experience, how did they work for you?

Kris said...

I assume you meant "how do you put the bar down without GMing it? Simple answer: you slam it down with only enough resistance to keep it from bouncing off the pins... Repeat. Not much strain this way. I did these during the Coan/Phillippi deadlift routine last year after Vince Scelfo, a chiro, suggested these as a way of removing the risky reversal phase where most of the injuries occur. This is probably the only way I could do heavy GMs anymore; they really do take the "this lift is going to pop something bad soon"-feel out of it.

You know where I am coming from with this, but I would definitively stay away from very heavy GMs unless done suspended or from the pins. Even most of the Westside guys have backed off using regular GMs as an ME exercise. There´s video at tsampa, let me know if you want a link.

And the answer is? ;-)

Alberto Caraballo said...

I'll take the link, Kris, and thank you.

I've never had an injury issue with GMs yet, but that's also because I rarely do singles - - - I do triples and will be doing 5Rms this time. Singles aren't worth the risk. And the pins are always set. When I get the GHR, heavy back raises with the back raise harness will be used, too - - - and those are very safe.

For my max effort, I think I will give those a try and do arched back GMs as my submax movement. I could always use a new movement, and thanks again.

Kris said...

This entry has a video snippet with GMs off pins. Live through the horrendous deadlift form.