Wednesday, May 17, 2006

PRT training

Yesterday was my OFF day for pushups and situps. My goal was 10 sets of 16 for each, sprinkled throughout the day. After something I said in my last entry, I came up with an idea for my lunchtime aerobics. Whenever I run the Navy PRT, the pushups and situps seem to take a chunk out of me before I even get to the run. So I did 5 sets at lunch, then I jumped on the treadmill. The LifeFitness treadmills have a Fit Test setting that lets you set it for Navy PRT, and I set it for 6.5 miles per hour so as to get an under-14 min 1.5 mile run. In this fashion, I lasted 9 minutes. My breathing wasn't too bad, but I was just beat. It could have been the previous day's workout, or the new demands on my body, or motivation. By the 30th (my last aerobic workout), my goal is 14-15 minutes running.

I had a hard time getting up this morning, just like yesterday. Considering that I'm not deadlifting as much and I've adjusted the weights downward a bit to allow me to do this program, it's the pushups and situps volume that's doing it. In a few days, my body should get over the shock of it all and start adapting to the increased volume.


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