Wednesday, December 15, 2010

5/3/1: Wave 2 Week 1 Military Press

All Notation: Weight x Reps x Sets

Nautilus Nitro Laterals (115)(Adjusted Max: 125): 115x3x6

Hoist Military Press (139)(Adjusted Max: 135): 40x5, 55x5, 70x5, 85x3, 95x2, 105x5, 110x5, 115x7 (Rep Out Set).

Hoist Roc-It Pulldown (139)(Adjusted Max: 149): 135x3x6

Nautilus Nitro Close Grip Pulldown (145)(Adjusted Max: 155): 140x3x6

Deadlifts w/35s (305): 215x4x5. This represented 70% of my 1RM.

EZ-Bar Reverse Curls (70)(Adjusted Max: 75): 70x3x6

Warmup and Cooldown: Cybex ArcTrainer Elliptical, Interval Program, Level 3, 15 minutes. On my weight days, this will be my 30 minutes of aerobics. On off days, I will do the 30 minutes in one shot.

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