Monday, December 27, 2010

5/3/1: Wave 2 Week 2 Bench Press

All Notation: Weight x Reps x Sets

Dead Benches (195) (clustered, 15 seconds between reps): 85x3, 105x3, 125x3, 145x3x5. Done at 75% 1RM.

3-Board Press (264.5 Projected Max)(Adjusted Max 247.5): 200x3, 210x3, 225x5 (Rep Out Set). 3-Board or not, the last set was hard. I will have to do more wrist intensive forearm work as I had to focus on keeping them straight just to do this. It was expected, I've never benched 225 for this length of time before.

T-Bar Row (155)(Adjusted Max 150): 45x5, 60x5, 75x5, 90x3, 105x2, 120x3, 130x3, 135x5(Rep Out Set)

Rack Pulls 2" Below The Knees (345): 225x4x5, Done at 65% of 1RM.

Biceps Curls (100)(Adjusted Max 105): 95x3x6.

Warmup and Cooldown: Cybex ArcTrainer Elliptical, Interval Program, Level 4, 15 minutes.

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