Saturday, November 19, 2011

5/3/1: Military Press 3RM

Weighed in this morning at 230.  Yay!  Woke up hungry and when I looked in the mirror I looked just a little more cut, so I suspected some water loss and went to the scale. Haven't had to diet hard to get there, just eat a little smarter and snack more.

Hammer MTS Shoulder Press (Weight is per movement arm): started at 50 pounds for 3 reps and kept adding 10 pounds until I hit a 110-lbs 3RM.  Then I finished with 70x10 and 60x15.

Hoist Dual 700 Assisted Pullup (Wide Handles): worked up to 90 pounds of assistance for 3RM, then backed down to 100 pounds assistance and did 2 sets of 3.  The usual apparatus I use to do pullups was occupied, and this was the next best alternative.

Hammer ISO Rows (Elbows in - Weight is per movement arm): 90x10x3


Barbell Curls: 55x10x4
Wrist Roller: 2.5x4x4

Pallof Press Isometric Holds: 20 for 4 holds of 30 seconds each side

30 minutes of treadmill walking, 3.5 MPH, Level 12 Hill profile.  This is my last week of walking, then I will replace the non-lifting days aerobics with a gradual buildup of running using a 10-week beginner's program from Runner's World and use things like Jacob's Ladder, Versaclimber, rowing machine, or medicine balls as finishers on weightlifting days.  In the past, I've tried to run this program and would have to constantly tweak it.  Looking back, I used to base my pace on my best pace in my actual running: left to my own devices, I usually run a 12-min 1.5 mile pace even if I could only do one good lap with it.  This time, I decided to base it on my last PRT results since that's all I was able to muster (15:01 1.5 mile).  I used the Training Calculator on the website for the Santa Clarita Runners club to calculate a pace of about 5.99 MPH.  I will uses 6.0 MPH on the treadmill to do the program.  Considering that a few weeks ago I was doing 5 intervals in a session at speeds approaching 8 MPH, this should work.

Combined with the weights, I should do much better in April.  I could throw intervals at it now, but I want to milk the easier stuff for all it's worth and save the hard stuff for a plateau or before the summer.  I mean, even the hill walking has proven to be an effective respite from what I was doing and I'm slowly leaning out, so a little extra may be all I really need.

I received a comment from Mich, and this woke me up.  I now noticed that when I switched the page style for this blog, I lost the links of pages I look at.  Have to fix it.

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