Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5/3/1 Round 2: Deadlift 1RM

Conventional Deadlift: 145x5, 175x5, 205x3, 245x2, 265x5, 305x3, 335x3 (rep out set), 175x10x5 .

Legs were still sore from Saturday's squat workout but the show must go en, eh?

So while I was standing watch from 4AM - 12PM, I stretched every hour on the hour to get as limber as I could. Someone relieved me early, so I went in at 8:50AM to do the deed. This workout went great, my lower back even felt great during the 5 sets of 10 afterwards. Almost safe to say that my lower back is recovered and thriving.

3 more deadlift workouts to go!!!

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