Sunday, June 21, 2009

Make a Wish

As the Virtual Meet draws near, I find myself getting tired and maybe a little cranky. Because of my nature, no one ever sees it. After all, I chose this: the workout schedule, the dieting, etc. All me.

Well, Thursday I got my wish granted for some rest and weight loss. African style.

I got some kind of stomach infection and for the last 4 days have been layed up in bed, in a lot of pain (like someone reached in my gut and twisted it), not working, taking Cipro (same antibiotic one takes for Anthrax) and enough stuff to keep my stomach sane and fever down. Today, I was finally able to hold something down without my stomach going berzerk and cramping up, and I finally slept solid. So tomorrow, I'll probably be back in the gym.

It was suggested by a friend here that while my schedule might not have made me sick in itself, it probably made me very vulnerable. So I'm pondering whether to just push on until July 5th (my last training day before the meet) or to begin deloading. In the end, no matter what I feel I can hit in comp, I'm still going.

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