Saturday, July 31, 2010

Workout 12 of 20

Rack Pulls 2" Below The Knees: 115x5, 150x5, 190x5, 225x3, 265x2, 285x5, 300x5, 320x5(Rep Out Set)
Assisted Dips (Light Band): 8 sets of 8
Single Calf Raises: 8 sets to rep failure

One of my best friends went through a break up this week and yesterday was disaster for her, too. Since 9:30 this morning she's been calling me on and off for consolation and some laughs/cheer so my workout started after I last got off the phone (around 3:20PM). I also want to go to the movies so I dug up an old workout idea and did that. Ironman magazine once had two workouts they said would workout the whole body in just two movements: superset conventional deadlifts and dips, or squats and pullups/chinups. This workout worked up a pretty good sweat and left me pleasantly beat.

Just 8 workouts left and a week of rest until Virtualmeet;)

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