Sunday, April 08, 2012

RE Deadlift (Sort Of)

Conventional Deadlift: started at 135x3 and kept adding 30 pounds until I could barely hit the triple, at around 315x3.  Then, since my original intention this workout was to do 225x6x5 and I had already done 225x3, 255x3, 285x3, and 315x3 then I just did 225x6x3.

Seated Calf Raises: 20x3 the kept adding 10 pounds until I hit 80 for a 4RM, then I did 70x6x3.

Hoist Roc-It Leg Curls: 183x6x6

Cybex Arc Trainer Elliptical, Interval program, Level 5 for 45 minutes.  Navy physical is in a week and I have one more pound to drop.  So since this was a weekend workout, I wanted to pour it on.  Especially for deadlifts.

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