Wednesday, June 27, 2012

RE Lower Body

Hoist Compound Leg Press: 310x12, 420x12

Hoist Seated Leg Curl: started at 30x5 and kept adding 10 pounds until 90x5. The usual machine was taken and this machine was closer to the power racks which I was waiting for so I could do good mornings. Next leg workout, I'll do sets of 12 for GHRs with bands.

Arched Back Good Mornings: 95x12, 130x12x4

 Finisher: Week 4 of the Cool Runnings Couch to 5K program: 2 intervals of 1.5 minutes running at 6.6 MPH and 1.5 minutes walking at 3.5 MPH followed by 2 intervals of 3 minutes running and 3 minutes walking at the same speeds. Now, I'm getting into the longer runs. The ones I always fear. The ones that take a lot out of me and are harder to count and lose myself in. Yes, I could lose myself if I run outside but I use the treadmill so that I could learn to run at a constant pace: whenever I run for the military, my pacing is horrible (fast in the beginning and dying from middle to end). As for getting my ass handed to me, I guess I should be happy about that. Efficiency is not to be strived for.

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