Saturday, November 15, 2008

WSFSB III: RE Lower Body

I blew off this workout on Thursday, and was blowing it off yesterday with dread until 11PM when I forced my own hand and gave it a go. It went better than I feared it wouldn't. But the squats reminded me of why I was dreading the workout: 3 sets of 20 was really hard work. After that, the rest of the workout felt like cardio. Especially since it was late and I was cutting the rest periods just so I could take a shower and get to sleep.

All Notation: Weights x Reps x Sets

Smith Machine Box Squats (Slightly Below Parallel): after warmups, 155x20x3

Barbell Curls: 55x5, 65x5, 75x5, 85x5, 95x5, 105x3, 115x1. I supersetted these with the squats. 115 is an all time PR for me, a long rep but I strained like crazy until I broke the sticking point (1/2 way).

Assisted pistols (Average Band): 5 sets of 10

GHR: 5 sets of 7

Hammer Calf Press: 160x20x3

Leg Raises/Twisting Decline Situps Superset: 5 sets to failure.

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