Saturday, May 09, 2009


My deadlift workout felt hard again . . . . Fuck!?! On the 3RM day for 5/3/1, I was supposed to rep out with 290 in the end. I struggled to lift it just once. I just walked out of the gym, kinda bummed. Pissed, more like. Didn't do anything else.

A few hours later, it occured to me that maybe I was running into the same problem I once had with the squat/front squat: Since last year I had thrown so much work into deficit deadlifts that my regular deadlift suffered. So now, I could launch the weight better but after I get it off the floor, my lower back engages too soon because the weight is way heavy a few inches off the floor. I also felt as if my lower back was not recovering fast enough and came to the conclusion that with deadlifts one day, good mornings the next leg day, and being in body armor a lot, an overtrained lower back was a foregone conclusion.

I took some days off, and went to work rescheduling my workout. Good mornings will now be an assistance movement on deadlift day, front squats on squat day. On the 1RM squat and deadlift day, just this once, I'm not doing the assistance movements - - - to buy me some extra recovery time - - - but will bring them back on the deload week.

Let's see if this works.

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