Monday, November 16, 2009

Past 24 hours

Today was weigh-ins and bodyfat testing for Navy personnel.  While I had all the hope in the world to pass I took no chances, especially since I just started back up again recently.  So I did today's workout (sumo deadlifts) last night w/ a few extra sets thrown in for good measure.  Since I knew the neck measurement would be my trump card, I did my upper body day today.  My last meal last night was a cup of coffee with 30 grams of chocolate whey protein thrown in, to keep my stomach empty and cut the carbs while the workouts did the rest.  I got up this morning at 4, to do the workout - - - measurement was at 7-9AM.  I weighed in at 212 pounds, which was 10 pounds more than I weighed when I left Germany in October.  My neck was 17 inches with a 38 abdominal measure, or 22% bodyfat by Navy standards.  Fine by me.

Right now, I just want to take a nap.

All notation: Weight x Reps x Sets

Sumo Deadlifts: 115x8, 135x6, 155x5, 165x5, 180x5, 190x8 (Rep Out Set).  One more rep than last week.

Hammer Calf Machine: 170x4x7

Bulgarian Split Squat w/Front Feet Elevated: BWT x 11 x 3.  1 more rep per set this week. 

Assisted GHR (Light/Monster Mini Bands): 4 sets of 7.  Almost as many reps as last week but with less band tension.

Assisted Situp (Light/Monster Mini Bands): 4 sets of 19.  Payday.

Behind The Back Shrug: 120x8x5.  Didn't have to do this but I thought I would just to slam the yoke for measurement day.


Hammer ISO Super Incline Press: 25x12, 30x10, 35x8, 45x6, 50x5, 55x5, 60x5, 60x8 (Rep Out Set).  One more rep than last week.

Assisted Chinups (Average Band): 6 sets of 5

Assisted Dips: 105 pounds of assist for 3 sets of 11.  Almost as many reps as with the 120 pounds assist.

Hammer ISO Rows (Elbows Out): 80x10x4

Behind The Back Shrug: 95x10x4.  This time it was done on a Smith machine, for more reps.

Preacher Curls: 50x8x4
Wrist Roller: 15x1x4

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