Thursday, November 19, 2009


Situps: 43
Pushups: 34
1.5 Mile Run: 13:29
Grade: Satisfactory High

Not the greatest I've ever done on the Navy physical readiness test (PRT), but I was happy.  Of course, I was nervous for the days leading up to the PRT:  I had started run/walking just 2 weeks before, 2-3 times a week on turf.  Running sucks, but it sure is effective and a lot less boring than the elliptical.  And I wasn't sure about how much my gym work, particularly my assisted work, would translate into more reps with bodyweight stuff after 3 weeks.  And more importantly, I was worried about my abs not being strong enough to take it: warfare pin or not if I so much as felt or heard something tearing, I was ready to quit.

I had looked in the OPNAVINST 6110.1H, the Navy's physical readiness instruction to see what I would need to hit just to pass . . . . . that's it.  For a satisfactory-medium grade I just needed 40 situps, 33 pushups, and a 14:45 1.5 mile run.  And that was all I was going to go for, to be on the safe side. I'm happy to say that with every rep being as deliberate as I could make it, my goal for the situps and pushups was right on the money.  The run was not easy: I paced off of someone who eventually finished with a 12:30 run so I ran the first half strong, and struggled on the second half but sprinted enough on the end to save me.  I think that being 18 pounds lighter than on my last PRT (January 2008) didn't hurt, either.  I was so out of breath but my abs felt normal, so it was a winded sigh of relief for me.

The situps were graded SATISFACTORY HIGH and the pushups were graded SATISFACTORY LOW.  The run was graded GOOD LOW, so I got an overall grade of SATISFACTORY HIGH.  A little better than planned, and I can only get better . . . . .


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