Sunday, May 09, 2010

5/3/1 Round 3 : Squat 5 RM

First off, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Having grown up less than privileged (very less), I know what good moms go through for their children. But not until I took on being a dad did I get the true depth of what moms go through. So, hat's off to you, especially my own mom.

Friday's workout was a little much for me and I spent yesterday folding clothes, cleaning up the house, and just taking it easy. So I got up at 9AM today, half asleep, fixed up a Hot Pocket and a really strong cup of coffee, turned on the radio (didn't want to fuss with the radio or iPod, so I left on the old Jazz station), and went at it.

Overall, the workout was strong. It just took a while for the coffee to hit, and I still was barely feeling up. So I cut the lateral lunges.

13" SSB Box Squat: 75x5, 100x5, 125x5, 150x3, 175x2, 190x5, 200x5, 215x7 (Rep Out Set).

SSB Arched Back Goodmorning: 170x5x5

Single Calf Raises for every set of squats.

Assisted GHR (Light Band): 5 sets of 7

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